Do you edit my photos?

The creative path of a beautiful photograph does not end at the camera click. It continues its journey in the studio, on the computer screen until it turns into a timeless art. Your images will be edited to our style and feel of the wedding day. Just as the painter chooses the best shades of the colours, we make our art by selecting the tone, colour, and crop to the best composition. No photograph is left untouched. After all, you didn’t hire a dude with a camera, but an artist.

How many pictures will I receive?

This depends on a number of hours we are hired for and the subject matter. On average, we deliver about 50-100 images per hour.

How do I receive my photos?

All images that you will receive will be high-resolution digital images in a JPEG format, arranged in an online gallery and uploaded to our cloud data storage. This will be your personal online space where you can download full resolution files, print on photo paper or canvas and share on social media. USB deliveries are no longer available as we moved past this unreliable storage devices.

Do we get to print our pictures on our own?

Yes! You will have printing rights as we keep the Copyright to our photographs. All images that you will receive will be high-resolution digital images in a JPEG format, arranged in an online gallery and uploaded to our cloud data storage. We don’t guarantee quality when you print on your own but if you order your prints from the cloud gallery we can guarantee immaculate perfection in colour and quality. The printing lab that we work with has been extensively tested with our images and even our computer screens are calibrated to the lab colours so we can see exactly what you will get into your mailbox.

What are Printing Rights and Copyrights?

Printing rights allows clients to print and share their images with family via social media, but you are unable to sell them for profit, submit to publications or claim ownership. Copyright is the legal binding term claiming ownership of the image, which we keep. By keeping the copyright, we are able to protect the images if they are stolen and used without consent by another company. Credit should always be given to your photographer when sharing the images for personal use.

How long will it take to see our photographs?

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks depending on the season. Our goal is to deliver final photographs within two weeks but this can not be guaranteed. However, we will submit two or three images on the next morning so you can announce your marriage on social media. Don’t forget to tag She Said YES! Facebook page when you do so.

If the wedding schedule is running late, do you stay longer and keep photographing?

If you are running a few minutes late, we are happy to stay to document what is left. However, if you are running an hour or more behind, we can discuss the options. Staying later means extra costs like overtime, more photographs to process and even parking fees. Extra photography coverage per hour may be needed but we will always speak with you or your planner when the service time is up to let you know we are leaving for the day and to see if you would like to have anything else photographed.

Do we need to feed you and your assistants at the reception?

We can leave your event and go find our own meal or head to our vehicle to get our packed lunch, but most clients choose to keep us at the event and provide a vendor meal. By doing this, it takes less time for us to eat and keeps our tummies happy and filled with energy to keep photographing through the night.


The wedding day


Booking and payment

How do we book you? Do you hold dates?

The first step is to make an enquiry about your chosen date and package. Fill in the enquiry form and we will contact you shortly. Next, we require a signed agreement and a non-refundable booking fee (engagement sessions are due in full when booking). We are unable to hold dates until we have received both the booking fee and the signed agreement.

Can we pay you after the Wedding?

On some occasions we allow a small amount to be paid after the wedding as a late instalment payment, but not after we deliver the images and videos. Normally, we require a non-refundable booking fee of 50% of the total amount of all services that you require, so we can save the date, and it is due within two weeks after you sign the Photography Services Agreement. The rest can be paid on instalment payments no later than two weeks before the wedding. Prints and albums that aren’t included in the original photography agreement can be added on and paid later.

Do you offer discounts and off-season, non-Saturday weddings?

Quite often we have dates that go on sale. We also have holiday specials that include discounted or complimentary services. Some days of the week also go on sale. Keep an eye on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/shesaidyesphotos/ for updates and make sure you follow to see it first. If you make an enquiry, Ellie will keep you updated with any promotions and specials around your date. No spam. We promise.

If I need to cancel or move my wedding date, is the booking fee refundable?

The booking fee is non-refundable. If you are moving dates and would like to re-book us, a new agreement must be signed and a new invoice issued. The full policy is included in the wedding agreement, which you can review before signing.

Where are you located?

We live and work in the most beautiful place in Brisbane. It is located on the north side of the city and it is called Redcliffe. As you probably already know, we shoot everywhere between Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and we are happy to travel for destination weddings. We just ask you to take care of the accommodation and travel fees.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Weddings are photographed by a lead photographer and an assistant helping with the lights and photographing additional angle during the ceremony.  If you are having a lot of guests, I would recommend selecting the optional service or choosing a package with a second photographer. Also, if you are both getting ready at a significant distance away from each other it will be logistically impossible for a single photographer to capture both getting ready locations.

Have you photographed at our venue before or will you visit the location of our wedding beforehand?

Most probably yes. But, as a creative team, we love going to a wedding without having predisposed ideas.  As every wedding & couple is unique, We find, that if anything is too pre-planned, you may miss the opportunity to create real moments. You also never know what the light and the weather is going to be on the wedding day that makes the biggest difference of how images are going to look.

What gear do you use?

We use a professional line of Canon camera bodies and lenses. We also own several different new and vintage film cameras. We also have an array of strobe and continuous lighting that we implement in non-natural lit rooms or at night.

We are having a destination wedding. Do you Travel?

We love to travel. We just ask that flights/hotel expenses are covered.

What do you and your team wear to weddings/events?

We wear black or dark blue shirt and pants with dark dress shoes. For more formal events, a jacket with a tie but all in dark colours. If it’s a more casual or colourful event, we will plan to wear outfits accordingly. The goal is to look professional, clean, stylish, sharp, be weather appropriate and still blend in so we aren’t noticed on the photographs.

How long have you been in business and how many weddings have you photographed?

“She Said YES! – Wedding Photography” was born in 2015 to create a better organisation and focus our marketing efforts. Since then we shot an average of 28 weddings/year. The lead photographers working for us have long careers in a diversity of photography genres including weddings. Anything said here, wouldn’t make a difference without seeing our great portfolio of wedding slideshows.


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