Wedding album is still a thing!

The wedding album has returned, only this time, as a boutique accessory to any wedding. Use the wedding album calculator to design your own perfect wedding portfolio. Your wedding album will be handcrafted with all of our love and passion.

Two photo albums displayed open; one standing upright featuring accordion-style pages with portrait photos, the other lying flat showcasing a wedding album on its cover.
G3 Soft White with Center Cameo

G3 Soft White w Center Cameo


G2 Black with Center Bezel Cameo

G4 Brooklyn Brown + G3 Chestnut

G4 Brooklyn Brown + G3 Chestnut


G2 Chromo Gold with Center Bezel Cameo

Binding and paper types



Scored (folded) at the center, creating sweeping spreads with no gutter or cut.
A close-up view of an open wedding album lying flat, showing the stitched binding and pages.


Super slim and barely noticeable 1mm gutter (cut), strong and durable.
Two hardcover wedding albums open flat with their spines meeting at a center hinge, displayed on a light surface.

Photo Metallic

Kodak’s metallic endura premier with UV coating and linen texture.
Close-up of a wedding album vinyl record with visible grooves, featuring part of a hand holding the edge.

Photo Lustre

Kodak’s professional endure premier with UV coating, linen texture is optional.
A woman gently resting her head on a man's shoulder in a wedding album photo with a soft, focused expression and a blurred background.


Close-up of a thick wedding album with a white cover, showing tightly packed pages and a sturdy spine.

Minimum 16 Pages

Pages can be in any increment 16 or larger. We recommend minimum 30 pages for 5-hour photography packages
Close-up of a modern, white external hard drive with a metal grille on the front, designed to store a wedding album, set against a plain, light grey background.

Maximum 70 Pages

Pages can be in any increment 70 or smaller. We recommend 50 pages for 8 and 10-hour photography packages.

Colour Imprinting

Colour imprinting is a method of printing on the surface of your album, with UV-cured ink. Once cured by UV light, the print has permanently adhered. Images can be designed in full colour.

*Available on all cover materials except Burgundy, Cocoa, and Marine.



Complete your album with a personalized cover image. Our cameos can be ordered in aluminium brushed metal style or traditional choices of photo lustre or photo metallic prints.​

Image Dual Tone

Turn your photo into a front cover image and choose from G1, G2, G3, and G4 cover materials to use as an accent material covering ¾ of the front and the back of the album.

Photo metallic print with a soft touch lamination coating.


Photo Wrap

Choose this popular image wrap to cover your entire album for complete personalization.

This wrap creates a hard cover made from a photo metallic print with a soft touch lamination coating.


Wedding album designer

Create your custom wedding album. When ready, send the order through.

Get the best images for your album with the Full Day package.