A Breathtaking Wedding at the Pavilion, Sandstone Point Hotel

A love story as enchanting as Jade and Carson's deserves a wedding to match. And that's precisely what they got at , in February. With a breathtaking backdrop, exquisite décor, and a team of wedding professionals dedicated to making their day picture-perfect, their celebration was one for the books.

Join us as we relive the magic of Jade and Carson's special day, captured beautifully by She Said Yes .

  1. The Sandstone Point Hotel Team -The venue team ensured that Jade and Carson's wedding was a seamless, stress-free experience. Their dedicated wedding coordinator worked closely with the couple, providing guidance and support throughout the planning process. From coordinating with vendors to managing the finer details of the wedding, they went above and beyond to bring the couple's vision to life.
  2. – She Said Yes wedding film and photography skillfully documented every moment of Jade and Carson's wedding. From the heartfelt ceremony to the joyous reception at , the team captured each memory with grace and style.
  3. Floral Arrangements – Amore Fiore's bouquets and floral arrangements added a touch of elegance to at . The vibrant colours and delicate petals perfectly complemented the couple's love story.
  4. Celebrant Shelly Schmaling -The heart and soul of any wedding is the ceremony, and Shelly made Jade and Carson's truly unforgettable. Her warm, personalized approach ensured that every word spoken resonated with the couple and their loved ones.
  5. Cakes in the Mix – The wedding cake, designed and baked by Cakes in the Mix, was a visual treat and a delightful indulgence for the guests. The intricate details and delicate flavours showcased the baker's passion for their craft. The wedding cake added a sweet note to the celebration at .
  6. Ever After Wedding & Events – The beautiful styling by Ever After Wedding & Events elevated the entire experience for Jade, Carson, and their guests. Their expertise in styling and design transformed and into beautiful spaces. They set the stage for a truly memorable celebration.
  7. All Star DJ's – The evening's entertainment, provided by All Star DJ's, kept the party going well into the night. Their mix of crowd-pleasing tunes ensured that the dance floor remained packed and the atmosphere remained high-spirited. Afterward, the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

A Windy Day & A Lost Heirloom – An Unforgettable Moment

Amidst all the beauty and excitement, there was an unexpected twist during the bride and groom photos at the jetty. As the wind picked up, Jade's veil was caught by a gust and blown into the ocean. Although it was heartbreaking, it added a unique and memorable touch to their wedding story. Luckily, She Said Yes captured this moment, preserving the memory for the couple to look back on.

With the idyllic setting of and the team's combined talents behind the scenes, Jade and Carson's wedding was a dream come true.

A Breathtaking Wedding at the Pavilion, Sandstone Point Hotel