Greek Orthodox Wedding at the Greek Orthodox Church St. George

Sunshine came through the windows, sparking light onto Stelios and Sarah as they said yes for a lifetime of love and laughter. Nestled in South Brisbane across from a stunning park, the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George celebrated true love on the 13th of March 2021. As family and friends entered the ceremony they were blown away by the atmosphere and the environment of the church. Photographs were taken by every guest, taking in the feeling of hope and spirituality as they await the bride’s entrance. Then, the music started. When the bride arrived, the whole room went quiet, as she walked down the aisle in a stunning white dress, smiling up at her future husband and lighting up the room in the process. As the crowns and rings were presented, the traditional elegance of their faith became known as they faced the priest and embraced their beliefs. Witnessing the love blossom with utmost sophistication, Stelios and Sarah were joined together with their loved ones, posing for photos and laughing as one.

Client Stelios & Sarah

Category photography, weddings

Date 25 March 2021

Wedding venue Greek Orthodox Church St. George

Location West End

City Brisbane

Greek Orthodox Wedding at the Greek Orthodox Church St. George