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At She Said YES! Wedding Film & Photography, we take immense pride in our exceptional team of photographers and cinematographers, led by the dynamic husband-wife duo Ellie and Roman Alurkoff. As a boutique family business, we fully understand the significance of your big day and strive to capture your unique love story with our talented team of professionals.

Investing in professional photographs and videos of your wedding day is crucial, and our dedicated team at She Said YES! Wedding Film & Photography is here to help you make the right choice. To discuss your wedding photography needs and select the perfect package, please reach out to us today.

The Story

Once upon a time, in a land filled with love and joy, there was an extraordinary team of artists known as the She Said YES! Wedding Photography Team. They embarked on countless adventures, capturing the magical moments of love-struck couples on their special days. Each team member brought their unique talents and skills to the enchanting world of wedding photography, creating unforgettable memories that would be cherished for a lifetime.

Roman, the Creative Director, was a modern-day wizard with an enchanted camera. With his keen eye for beauty and emotion, he captured the most authentic moments and transformed them into breathtaking images and videos. His warm smile and gentle guidance put couples at ease, allowing them to shine like the brightest stars in their own fairy tale.

Ellie, the Wedding Coordinator, was a master of organization and the guardian of the team’s harmony. Her extensive knowledge of business and marketing, combined with her unwavering dedication, ensured that every detail was in perfect order on each couple’s big day. With her magical touch, even the most intricate plans unfolded smoothly, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience for all.

Adrian, the spirited Photographer, had an uncanny ability to see the beauty in every moment. His passion for photography and friendly demeanour enchanted couples and guests alike. With a wave of his camera, Adrian would capture the essence of their love, weaving their unique story into a tapestry of stunning images.

Damian, the versatile Videographer and Photographer, was the keeper of time, always ready to immortalize life’s most fleeting moments. As he gracefully glided through each wedding, his keen eye for detail and commitment to capturing the purest emotions left couples with a treasure trove of memories that would last for generations to come.

Steve, the patient and warm-hearted Photographer, brought a calming presence to the whirlwind of wedding celebrations. With his innate ability to capture natural moments and pose couples effortlessly, he created an atmosphere of joy and laughter. His dedication to preserving the magic of each couple’s love story made him an essential part of the She Said YES! Wedding Photography Team.

Together, this extraordinary team of artists ventured into the realm of love and celebration, capturing the essence of every couple’s unique journey. As they continued their quest to immortalize the magic of love through their art, the She Said YES! Wedding Photography Team became the heroes of countless love stories, creating a legacy of memories that would be passed down through the ages.

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